Frequently Asked Questions Please send additional questions to us via e-mail.

1. How do I get started as a REAL POINTStm Issuer?

Step one is the fill in and submit our provider Application Form and remit the appropriate fee.
Once we have received and processed these we will inform you of your provider Number and you can start issuing Points.

2. Do I have to buy any hardware or software to interface to your system?
The Point Holder's key is their telephone or REAL POINTStm number.
All you have to report to us is the number and the number of points awarded.
There is a page on our web site that you can use to do this or you can create your own file and e-mail it to us as long as you inform us of the file format.
If your current POS software captures telephone numbers, you can contact us and give us the name of the package and the name and number of the person to contact. We will contact them to see if there is a file you can send us that will give us the information we need.

3. How often do I have to submit my Points Report?

There is no set time limit but you should keep the following points in mind:
A. As a fellow business-person I feel that when I have money in my hand that is allocated for something, the sooner I remit it the better the chances it will not disappear on something else.
B. Your customer/client will not be credited with their points until your remittance is processed. If they are on the verge of aquiring the points they need for something they want, they will be dissapointed if it takes a long time for your points to show up on their account. They may decide to shop somewhere else where the points are credited sooner.