Catch the points train! It is moving fast!
Consumers all over North America are looking for perks!

Company, after company, after company, after company have proven that a Points Reward/Redemption Program

Companies such as TGI Friday, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, Park Plaza, The Flower Club, Wagonlit Travel, Pizza Delight, Merry Maids, Cineplex Odeon, Service Master, Bank of Montreal, A&P, CENTURY 21 Canada, LCBO, etc. are using Points Reward/Redemption Programs successfully.

So can you!

The features of a good Points Reward/Redemption Program

1. The merchandise that can be purchased with the points must be of value to the consumer. Someone once said, "I am saving points to buy something from a catalog that I wouldn't otherwise buy."

2. The consumer must be able to accumulate points quickly. This is achieved by using a Points Program that has many Providers so the consumer will look for Providers in order to accumulate points.

REAL POINTStm has these features. The benefit to the Providers is that consumers will be looking for this sign:

We are

We have created a Points based Reward Program that you can be proud to be associated with.

Your customers/employees will be excited about the program which will increase their loyalty to you.

You know what is great about using a Points Reward Program?

You do not spend any money until you have received money!

With advertising you spend money first and hope for an increase in sales later.

With a Points Reward Program your customers pay for your merchandise or services and then you decide how much you are willing to give back to them in the form of points.