The best investment in your future you will ever make!

10 Reasons You Should Become a

Sears, Zellers, Esso, Petrocan, Canadian Tire, TGI Friday's, Raddison, etc. have proven that you can retain/attract customers through a points redemption program.

You can too! REAL POINTStm is your ticket because;

1. The one time setup fee that is easily affordable

2. We track the points, handle all inquiries and purchases.

3. You set your level of participation. (ie. the % of sales you are willing to allocate toward points.)
Points can be issued to 2 decimal places eg. 2.33 points.

4. Every point you allocate goes to your customer and is redeemable at the rate of 1 pt = $1.

5. With the ability to purchase anything they want from anyone they want, your customers will be pleased with the value of their REAL POINTS.

6. With thousands of people coming to this site to check their points
you will increase your exposure in the market place!
You can also add your products to our Shopping Directory.

7. We are the only Points Program that beleive in their own product enough to use it themselves. We reward our Issuers with REAL POINTSTM for joining our program and for issuing Points. .
You can use the points for business purchases or transfer them to customers/clients.

8. No long term contract. You can "opt out" at any time by writing REAL POINTStm, (letter, fax or E-mail) 30 days proir to the date you wish to stop.

9. Our exclusive Holder Capturingtm feature means that your points program will become an alternate source of income.

10.If you have an Internet shopping site, you will have the option of linking to our site during the check-out phase and allowing Point Holders to apply points to their current order. This feature means that Holders do not have to "save up" for things. This exclusive feature is creating great excitment in consumers.


People all over North America will be looking for the sign:

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